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Ascent is an oniric first person platformer. Jump & fly from platform to platform, try to maintain altitude, do not fall into the pit. The lower you go, the weirder it gets...

Made in 48h by XRNZ for Geta Game Jam 8 : "Dreams & Nightmares" with hardmode (no words or text). My goal was to create a short and original experience, focusing on game feel & visuals. I cannot do 3D modelling, so most assets are from the Unity Asset Store. I did spend a lot of time modifying & compositing them, though !

If you liked it, hated it, or just found it it memorable in some way, feel free to comment below :)

Controls :

  • WASD : walk & fly
  • Mouse : look
  • Spacebar : jump

Additional notes :

  • might induce motion sickness ^.^
  • requires a decent computer (not optimized & needs high fps)

Asset packs used :


ASCENT.zip 45 MB


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good art

Impressive work in less than two days. However your project is tagged as minimalist game. Respectfully, your game and its aesthetic are gorgeous - no minimalist. The main gameplay could be improved with other features - I guess that you planned to do something more addictive soon. I wish you the best. I stay tuned ++

Nice to see another cool doodle jump 3d :)

Love the smooth controls and audio.

i want an album of this game's audio