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I feel like im on an acid trip

I'm sorry but my eyes have fallen. 


So, I'm been interested in expanding this since quite some time, with higher resolution (128 or 256). Let me know if you would be interested in a big update / new game of the same kind :)


Just found this today and it looks incredible. A higher resolution would look even better, although I do really like the pixelated quality of it! I'm interested in hearing how you made this in Unity, since a procedural generated game is something I'm very keen on developing someday.


i would be interested!



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missing GNU/Linux version, and the WebGL version isn't running on Dissenter browser - the windoze version isn't running on Wine

Wow, this is a amazing game. It loads for a extremely long time and can sometimes lag (but thats rare), can you fix that? Or is it my computer?

Hello ! Sorry for the load time, but I think it's your computer or internet connection. Have you tried to download the windows build ?

No only the browser one

I made a pixellated game a while back in July, and it seems a lot like this.

Im dizzy 

Lovely walking sim, fun to explore the procedural landscapes!

Amazing experience! Is it possible to make am Android version? 


This was lovely! Walked through 30 islands before realizing it was procgen and was blown away, it was really relaxing. Shared it on twitter to spread the word :)


Glad you liked it ! Thanks for the share :)

Playing this gave me chills! Love it. 

Any chance for a Mac version? Really love the look, and the brewer works fine enough, but I'd love a standalone version. 

Islands 850 and 357 are my personal favorite.

on the Jam build or the current build ?

Current, i believe.

I've got a technical question for you: How did you manage to loop the audio seamlessly in Unity for WebGL? Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this is a problem that I had in my lowrezjam submission.

hello lazerfalcon ! I really did not do anything special, I'm not even sure the audio is looping properly (sometime you can hear some sharp noise when a loop ends), all I did was putting the clip in an audiosource with loop = true. What was your problem exactly ?

My problem is the same: AudioClips not looping seamlessly, most likely due to AAC compression. The slight discontinuity causes a noticeable glitch after every loop. I found some resources that might help me solve the problem. I'll ping you, if I have time to implement something.

The interaction between the graphics and the sound design has succeeded brilliantly. The own head completes the details automatically and especially the diving in the water has a very special quality, in my opinion. So I recommended your extremely atmospheric exploration game in our compilation article about the LOWREZJAM 2018 and included a minute of gameplay in the accompanying video. :) Keep it up!

Best wishes,


This looks really beautiful. Nice work. I've put this in our LOWREZ Jam collection that will get featured on the homepage this coming week.

I really like it, gives you kind of a weird feeling alltogether. Excellent work!

This is such a clever idea. I had a quick play and want to ask if I can do a screen saver/long play. Would you mind.



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Hello, glad you liked it ! Do what you like, the more it is used, the better :)
I would suggest taking a look at the latest build (V3) which i just updated : generation is even more varied & fixed aspect ratio (pixels are squared and not rectangular, and less black borders). Let me know what you think !

Really great and interesting looking software-toy. I take that the world is made with polygons, but the super-low resolution brings it this artistic look. With seemingly hundreds of islands, there's a lot to explore, the low resolution also means that all these hundreds of islands fit into and run well off the memory that your browser is allowed to use.

I'd like to invite your game to take part in our game-making contest!

I will consider it, thank you ! The game is still pretty basic (more like a toy, as you say), i'd like to add more and refine the procedural generation when i get the chance.

Okay, thanks for considering and good luck with the game!