A downloadable game for Windows

RGB is a first person Puzzle/Platformer game about cubes, colors and interlinked game mechanics. Changing your own color will affect the way you view the world, the way you move through it, and the way you can modify it.

This game is my submission for https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-jam

Controls :

Movement : WASD / arrow keys

Jump : spacebar / right ctrl

Left click : shoot projectiles

Right click : switch color (red -> green -> blue)

Instructions :

In RGB, everything is made of colored cubes (white, red, green or blue). You can move through cubes that share your own color.

You can change color (right click) which will affect the cubes you can move through, and will also change the color of the projectiles you shoot.

Your projectiles change the color of the cubes they hit.

The goal is to reach the end of the level (a column of white light) without falling in the void.

NB : if you are inside a cube, you cannot change color.

Made with :

Unity 5.6 (including standard First Person Controller & Post Process)

Otomata (musical sequencer)

BFXR (sound effect generator)


RGB.zip 19 MB


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I played your game on my Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/zedkraze You can find a replay of the stream here:

Check the description on the video to jump to your game

Hey Zedkraze, thank you for testing it :)

I saw this game during Mark Brown's playtest stream and I had to look it up and play it.

I find this a genius concept for a puzzle game, and I am impressed with the quality of the level design it has for a game jam game.

As for some constructive feedback,  when playing I felt the controls felt a bit awkward, the character would move and jump too much, and I often felt like the slightest movement could result in me accidentally falling off, this mixed with the lack of a crosshair to know where I was shooting, and the permadeath, made the experience for me being more about not falling off accidentally, than about creating a path for myself by shooting cubes.

Hey, thank you for your feedback !

I agree that some basic stuff is missing. For the controls, I used Unity's default first person controller and didnt even tweak it a bit. Could definitely be improved.

Same with the lack of respawn (permadeath), there should be like 3 checkpoints on this test level.

Glad you liked the concept and level design :)